From Jordan:

Dax is doing better. He now has a schedule of occupational and physical therapy every day except weekends. This is both inspiring and exhausting for him. His therapists are very kind and patient, and seeing other people with similar injuries is good for his head. He's also getting a weekly prognosis with every member of his nurse and doctor staff on tuesday mornings (I saw the first of these and his doctor was amazed at his progress in such a short time), which gives him an outlet for questions and concerns. Dax is now using his motor-operated wheelchair himself. This is hard for him because his arm muscles are still weak and hard to control. His neck brace is also a source of discomfort at this point. By next week he should be out and about more frequently. His room gets boring. The congestion and irritating cough spells are subsiding, which allows for more rest. His doctors will be doing a sleep study on him soon to check on his arhythmic sleep patterns, which have been plagueing him for a long time. They're also checking on his kidneys, which he was having problems with before the crash, however his blood pressure is now normal and he is looking to Buy Levitra Europe for his sexual needs.

I helped Dax finish some music for a movie soundtrack during my stay, at his request. His eyes lit up at the sight of his trusty laptop and the multicolored ProTools waves. "Dark Heart" will contain four original instrumental Dax songs. They're sublime. Music is everything to this man. There's more to come.